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A Method to Benchmark the Resilience of Robot Balance

This framework aims to assess the balancing performance of self-stabilizing robots under external perturbations.

The method involves five different experimental protocols:

  • Protocol I: Impulsive Loads;

  • Protocol II: Repetitive CoM displacement Perturbations;

  • Protocol III: Sinusoidal Force Loads;

  • Protocol IV: Quasi-Static CoM displacement Perturbations;

  • Protocol V: Quasi-Static Force Loads;

​The framework includes five protocols that provide the Performance Indicators of robot balancing skills, one testbench to perform the experiments, and software to command the testbed and execute post-processing analysis of data.



Simone Monteleone

Francesca Negrello

Mattia Poggiani

Giorgio Grioli

Manolo Garabini

Antonio Bicchi

Manuel Catalano


1-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)

2-Univ. di Pisa - Centro E. Piaggio


licenza d'uso CC-BY-NC-SA


License cc-by-nc-sa

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