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Bimanual grasping and handover of objects with ROS

Assembling two arms (4 DOF each) of q-bots and SoftHand for grasping an object on a table and handover it.
The object detection is made by a stereo-camera (like Asus XtionPro, Kinect, ...).
Everything is developed in ROS (Robot Operating System) and the entire code is in C++.


With the ROS's package developed you can control yours Cubes (q-bots) giving them a reference position and a stiffness preset. Besides a node for a gravity compensation controller is provided, and it is useful for a lot of tasks.
Then with MoveIt! (another ROS library), you can plan the trajectory that you want to make.

Another package developed allow to recognize an object on a table and the fit it like a cylinder.

Assembling all this packages you can carry out the task of grasp an object on a table and then exchange it from an hand to the other.


Alessandro Salvetti

Filippo Fabiani



Centro E. Piaggio



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