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Industrial Robot for Amazon Picking Challenge

NMMI can be exploited in applications like industrial scenarios. One example is the structure we present here.


It consists of a 3 DoF cartesian structure. On the last linear guidance, a 3 DoF arm composed by Qbmoves Maker Pro has been attached to accurately orientate the Pisa/IIT SoftHand used as end effector. This robot is able to recognize and grab objects of different shapes in a partially unstructured environment, as a warehouse.

Particularly this robot was designed to participate in the Amazon Picking Challenge. Thanks to the combination of the adaptivity of the hand and the compliant behavior on the arm, the robot is able to grab different objects being robust to uncertainties in the objects shape or in the scenario. In Fig. 12 some snapshots show a sequence of motions of the structure during the


Alessandro Raugi

Tommaso Pardi

Riccardo Persichini

Emanuele Luberto

Mattia Poggiani

Manuel G. Catalano

Giorgio Grioli

Manolo Garabini

Antonio Bicchi




Centro E. Piaggio

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia




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