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Damping in Compliant Actuation: a Review

This section reviews the literature about damping components in compliant actuators and the related robotic applications up to 2021. 

The database is organized  based on:

  • Amount of active control

    • ​Active

    • Passive

    • Semi-Active

  • Physical effect employed

    • ​​​​​Fluid Dynamics​​​

    • Variable Rheology

    • Electro-Magnetism

    • Friction 

  • Actuator Topology

    • SEDA​

    • rSEDA

    • SEAwEPD

  • Applications. 

The database is part of the survey "Damping in Compliant Actuation: a Review" and comes in the form of an editable file ".csv" and a file ".pdf".



Simone Monteleone

Francesca Negrello

Manuel G. Catalano

Manolo Garabini

Giorgio Grioli

Antonio Bicchi




Centro E. Piaggio

Università di Pisa

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia


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Editable version of the Database
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