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NMMI Graphical User Interface

This a useful software tool to interface with NMMI devices.

The GUI is multi-platform and very intuitive, it allows to read data from the electronic boards located in NMMI devices and to store and get firmware parameters.

It is divided into five main sections to handle all the main features of the different firmwares that it can be interfaced with:

- System Check

- Check Movement

- Live Data

- EMG Setup

- Parameters

In the Downloads section you can find the links for the binaries, depending on the operating system you are using.

For Mac OS systems: move the app to Applications folder, then add the developer as trusted (check this page).

For Linux systems: you should give execution permissions to the app. From a terminal, move to the folder with the downloaded file and run the command chmod a+x NMMI\ GUI\ Linux.AppImage before running the app.


Note for Use with a Bluetooth device:

Windows systems

After pairing your Bluetooth device to the computer, go to the Bluetooth option devices settings to find the right COM port, following the procedure

Click 'Start', then 'Settings' (You can also access Settings with the Windows Key + I shortcut), click 'Bluetooth & devices', click 'Devices', then scroll down, and click 'More Bluetooth settings'. Under the 'COM Ports' tab find the OUTPUT/OUTGOING port related to your BT device and use this one with the GUI

Linux systems

After pairing your Bluetooth device to the computer, open a terminal and type rfcomm command to bind it to a device filename: sudo rfcomm bind /dev/rfcommX MAC_ADDRESS channel (e.g. sudo rfcomm bind /dev/rfcomm0 20:71:9B:19:3E:41 1)

Now the device is recognized under the name /dev/rfcomm0

MacOS systems

After pairing your Bluetooth device to the computer, it will be recognized by the system with a name similar to /dev/tty.NMMIDev001-BTCOMPORT

This application is open-source, so any comment or suggestions for improvements are welcomed. Feel free to contact us.



Mattia Poggiani


Centro E. Piaggio

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia



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