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List of nearby hotels in the vicinity of Auditorium Antonianum (Viale Manzoni 1, 00185 Roma) and the DIAG department (Via Ariosto 25, 00185 Roma ---200 m away from Antonianum):



Hotel Milton (5 min walk, Google) Via E. Filiberto 165 (corner Via Manzoni)


Hotel Delta (9 min walk) Via Labicana 144


Hotel Saint John (4 min walk) Via Matteo Boiardo 30


Hotel Tirreno (10 min walk) Via di San Martino ai Monti 18


Hotel Santa Prassede (9 min walk), Via di Santa Prassede 25


Hotel Colosseum (13 min walk) Via Sforza 10




For cheaper bed & breakfast accommodations close to the school location , see e.g.,

B&B listed in the vicinity (1 km) of Metro Station Line A - Viale Manzoni

B&B listed in the vicinity (1 km) of  Via Merulana (ancient Auditorium Mecenate)

B&B listed in the vicinity (1 km) of Piazza Vittorio (Emanuele II) 



You may also use the link to the google map of places surrounding DIAG,

available at the bottom of the web page



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