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People are coming closer and closer to robots, which are becoming safer, more robust and powerful, thanks to the outcomes of latest Soft Robotics technologies.

NMMI is a place to meet, discuss and share ideas of Soft Robotics, to understand and build robots that move like you. 

Pisa/IIT SoftHand

Bimanual grasping and handover of objects with ROS

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Recent uploads

IROS 2015 - the VSA and the Pisa-IIT Softhand at the SAPHARI/SOMA Booth

The SOMA/SAPHARI booth at the International Conference of robots and Systems (IROS2015) hosted the VSA Actuators and the Pisa-IIT Softhand



On September 25th the Pisa-IIT Softhand and the humaoid robot walkman were hosted in Pisa for BRIGHT -  The Researchers Night, at the booth of Centro Piaggio, when people had the possibility to try the Pisa-IIT Softhand for grasping different objects


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