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Natural Machine Motion Initiative (NMMI) is a community tool built, used, and maintained by researchers, industrial partners and enthusiasts to support the philosophy of a joint and open development of Natural Motion.


Nobody knows exactly how robots of the future will be. However, we all know they will not be like the heavy, bulky, rigid machines dangerously moving around in old– fashioned industrial plants.


Robots of the next generation will be physically compliant and adaptable machines closely interacting with humans. They will be moving safely, smoothly and efficiently – in other words robots will be soft!


Natural Machine Motion is "the third way" of Robotics: it is a principle to design, realize and control simple, affordable, yet smooth, strong, and accurate machines. Just like natural muscles, soft actuators can store an release energy, absorb impacts, regulate stiffness, and enable the design of adaptable machines that can face the challenges of tomorrow.


The Natural Machine Motion Initiative is a place for soft robotic makers to meet and share their ideas, designs, and applications. It was launched and initially supported within the EU FP7 SAPHARI project.



Click here to access Github repositories!

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