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The VSA-Cube is the first affordable, open-source, muscle-like building block for constructing Natural Machine Motion robots.

qbmove maker (v0)

The Natural Machine Motion actuator you can download and build yourself.
nominal torque* of 0.6 Nm – nominal speed* 3 rad/s
variable stiffness range* [0.2 – 2] Nm/rad
rotation range* +/-90°
100% Arduino compatible

qbmove maker pro (v0.1)

Upgraded version of the open source Natural Machine Motio actuator
with custom electronics and high-strength aluminum parts
nominal torque* of 1.3 Nm – nominal speed* 7 rad/s
variable stiffness range* [0.6 – 8] Nm/rad
rotation range* +/-180°

Qbmove Advanced reaches the better performance in the Qbmove family, at the cost of a more sophisticated design. Many components are customized (e.g. gear box, pulleys, carter), and only few ones can be realized through rapid prototyping. However, in the design we considered and then tested for the realization of all components, the use of a numerical controlled machine instead of the injection (which is less accessible for small groups since requires large scales to be economically feasible).

VSA Datasheet

A unified description format to present all the salient characteristics of a Variable Stiffness Actuator, proposed by the VIACTORS consortium.

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