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Sensor interface

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Pisa/IIT SoftHand can be connected to a wearable mechanical human interface, in order to intuitively test the hand in complex grasps and
in interaction with the environment. This mechanical interface is fixed to the forearm by an adjustable belt.

The user pulling a lever command a closure position. The lever angle is acquired by the electronics board and
adopted as reference position to drive the actuator of the hand.

Handle with joystick

It allows to lock cylindrical shape elements, as a hammer or other tools, to implement different robotic system.










It consists in a one shell head which holds a 3D Webcam. This vision system can be actuated by two Qbmove implementing the roll and
pitch DoF of the neck. This add-on can be exploited for several tasks like environment recognition and exploration.










They consist of two parts, directly lockable on other elements of the system by screws.

One actuator can be dedicated to implement the closing of the pincer providing an effective variable stiffness pinch grasp.










They were designed to realize a spider shape robot, mostly to support the robot in the lifting and in the walking phase.

this box-shaped add-on allows to host a battery, a fusible and a lipo-checker in a box of compact size, which can be interconnected to the rest of the platform.










Tendon making tool

A tool to help the creation of tendon with a given lenght.

Cover parts for the snake robot

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